Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

We had a snow day today!!  That is what inspired me to make this card.

First I chose my pattern paper.  I thought it was not as busy as the others and I didn't want to take the attention away from the snowman.  Then I chose a dark blue card stock for the layer.  I thought it was nice because it accented the dark blue snowflakes.  Then I chose my snowman.  I wanted him to be tall and skinny because it would stand out from regular snowmen.  My mom's blog, The Stamping Tree, helped me cut the corners and make the rhinestone snowflake.  I colored the snowman and cut it to the right size and made the red layer.

I hope you enjoyed my first post!  Thank you for checking out my blog!  Please leave a comment if you like what you saw.  Please check out my mom's blog too!
Thank you!!!


  1. Great job on your card Ems! You're a natural.

  2. Very nice card Emily! I hope you got out and enjoyed your snow day too!


  3. Very cool! Em you have your mom's talent for cards! Welcome to the blog world...enjoy & have fun!!

  4. i love this snowman so much! your blog is fabulous, em!! i agree with jen, you have your mom's talent!